Season 6 Episode 16. This is a prime example of one of the things 90210 did so well. Occasionally they tried to be funny. And it was hilarious, but not for exactly the reasons they thought. It’s not the same as being unintentionally funny, like David being white, but not vanilla. It’s trying to be funny for doing one thing, but ending up being funny for how lame the attempt to do the first thing was to begin with. This tale of New Year’s Eve gone haywire, told via flashbacks to Claire, who had been out of town. The use of flashbacks was only put to better use once in the entire 10 season run, in episode number 4 on our countdown. This is probably the best appearance by the flying banana brothers, Austin and Ryan Sanders, sons of Rush, half-brothers of Steve. Steve has to baby sit them for Rush and they sneak into the PPAD and hilarity ensues. Ryan, played by young spelling sibling Randy, is the lesser ham of the two, but that bar is set amazingly low. Austin and Ryan are always ready to provide the displaced comedy in any 90210 episode, but the A story for awful(some)ness in this episode is Joe Bradley’s choice of a birthday/Christmas present for Donna. A bird he tried to teach to say, “Joe Loves Donna.” When called upon to deliver this line, he refused, but was more than willing to say, “Damned bird.” The bird escapes and hilarity ensues. But what caps it all off is this. We finally get to see Donna in the Rose Bowl parade. I’ve never been to the Rose Bowl parade, but now I never have to. It can’t possibly get any better than Donna in the parade being about to read Joe’s hand painted sign that read, “Joe Loves Donna” on one side and “Damned Bird” on the other. Also Kelly hates Val.

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