Season 5 Episode 18. Jonesy finds Kevin and Suzanne, Dylan’s money and his little sister, Erica, hiding out in Punta Brava, Mexico. Dylan goes down to get what’s his, but he needs Valerie’s help to pull it off. Not only does this set into motion, the Dylan owes Valerie money, and it’s not enough so she gets money from Jonesy and lives in a hotel and buys the PPAD storyline, but Jonesy really gets to shine in all of his skeaviness. And to add to the awesome, Dylan races in to save Erica, only to get into a fight with Kevin who pulls a SWORD ON HIM!!! It’s Season 5. Nothing should have surprised me, but when I saw the sword fight in the previews, I was too overjoyed for words. It’s rare in a teen serial drama that a sword gets pulled, but they managed to work it in. Bravo. And the capper comes when Jonesy jumps through a window while roughly 700 Federales charge through every other egress to save the day. Why would the Federales get involved? I hear you ask. Because Jonesy told them Eric Estrada was being held captive there. And boom goes the dynamite. Plus Kelly gets further involved in a cult. The professor Finely storyline is too wonderful for words, so I’ll leave it there.

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