Season 5 Episode 25. Brandon and Claire compete for a spot on College Jeopardy. They each have the most ridiculous dreams about being on the show. Claire’s dream involved question categories like “Twins” “Presidents””Minnesota”and “Chancellor’s Lackeys.” Brandon’s place him as a contestant wearing a clown costume. This episode is also the only time Jesse came close to being interesting. He moved out on Andrea and invited himself to stay with Dylan. It’s a Felix and Oscar situation, with Jesse annoying the shit out of Dylan. Never before and never since was Jesse Zuckerman Vasquez that interesting, except for the one time he yelled at Steve and suddenly, briefly, became hispanic. The moment of the episode involves Brandon sitting in the Chancellor’s office while Arnold Arnold called Claire and trash talked Brandon, pretending that Claire was the playing the dozens, saying things like “Claire says, the only way you’ll win is if the category is funny haircuts.” And reminding Brandon how many language’s she speaks. It’s perfect 90210 comedy. An honest attempt to be funny causing displaced laughter. Classic Season 5 90210

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