Season 5 Episode 13. There’s a house party, a comical misuse of the internet, a Ray Pruitt sings to stoned college kids room, every lesbian at CU, Emily Valentine and Kelly Taylor, extra-tasty crispy. What more could you want from a 90210 episode? Steve and Griffin throw a house party in a house with faulty wiring. They are told by the guy renting them the sound system and the food “that he thinks the building should be condemned. There is serious metal fatigue in all the load bearing members, the wiring is substandard, it’s completely inadequate for our power needs and the neighborhood is like a demilitarized zone.” So, Griffin just pops in new fuses like they were Quaaludes and the party rages on. Meanwhile Brandon meets Emily Valentine while she is in town on a lay over. Sparks fly (get it. Sparks fly. It’s like foreshadowing and a reference to other story lines) and Brandon never makes it to the house party, leaving Kelly to go to the bathroom with a lesbian in the one room in the whole house that doesn’t look like it’s in an abandoned building, the screening room. Steve and Griffin are using every room in the house. There’s a Ray Pruitt room, a make out room for Steve and Valerie to attempt coitus in, none of them furnished, and there’s a whole movie theatre that they don’t use for the party? That is complete Chewbacca. That makes no sense. But it’s sound proof so when the fire starts, Kelly and Allison (the lesbian. I know isn’t it shocking?) can scream all they want it will do very. Little. Good. This starts the ball rollin toward Kelly’s cult membership which opens the door in her relationship with Brandon for Dylan to get his foot back in. If not for all of this ridiculousness we might never have gotten to see Kelly Taylor “Choose me.”

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