Season 5 Episode 27. Great on so many levels. This is the first of six episodes from Season 5 to make the countdown and it easily could have been seven, as P.S. I Love You Part 1 and 2, just missed the cut, meaning that as much as I love Ray throwing Donna down a flight of stairs, Steve hooking up with a pre-op tranny and Muntz in a sombrero with a margarita gun strapped to his back, there were 12 episodes I love more. And Squash It works on so many levels. First, the Peach Pitt After Dark (PPAD) has been open about 4 months now and Valeria now owns it, causing their only act to flee town. With Ray gone, no one wants to come out, so the only possible solution for sagging nightclub attendance is to bring in fresh acts. And what’s fresher than a white rapper with street knowledge? David Silver comes out of retirement (it’s safe to assume that the crabs he caught from Aerial while on tour with Babyface, again, hyper realistic, have cleared up as well) to perform at the PPAD, but everyone’s favorite fry cook, Willie, has a nephew who David catches messing with his gear, causing David to say the following, “What are you doing messing with my gear, and be straight up, because I…” David is clearly talking to a black guy, because he uses his street slang. Turns out Willie’s nephew is a troubled youth who’s been involved with gangs. Which brings us to two of the best things about 90210. 1.) There are never any black people around, unless they are used to prove that a.) some black people are alright or b.) to give the gang a chance to solve a major societal problem. Willie’s nephew is kind of alright, but he’s learning the best way not to let his street temper get the better of him is to make a fist with one hand, slap the open palm of his other hand across the top of the fist and say “Squash It.” David learns this too and helps remind Willie’s nephew when some black people show up at the PPAD. David solved gang violence and managed to get the line, “Yo, I may be white, but I ain’t vanilla.” out of his mouth with a straight face. You can judge which was the harder of the two feats.

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