Season 2 Episode 26. Color Me Badd. Need I say more? I will, however. This is the episode where 90210 began the shift from a series of stand alone episodes to a more serialized format. A Case could be made for “Play it Again, David” from the beginning of Season 2, where Mel and Jackie start dating, changing character relationships and dynamics for longer periods of time, but I’m partial to “Rainy Day.” Not only does Kelly get past all security to meet Color Me Badd (whose favorite color is, badd, of course), but while running around the hotel trying to find a way upstairs, Donna sees her mom kissing another man and going into a hotel room with him for a nice middle-aged nooner. David and Brenda spend the rest of the episode trying to help Donna, while Steve, Brandon and Dylan hire a stripper to come to Casa Walsh, only to have Andrea show up and ruin all the sexy. But the awesome doesn’t end there. Kelly gets Color Me Badd to come to the Peach Pitt for Mega Burgers after the concert and Brandon makes them sing for their supper. I’ve never seen something so realistic. All pop group leaves the concert with a high school girl to go to local burger joints where a.) no one else in the place comes to bother them and b.) they listen to the part time high school employee who tells them they must sing to receive service. This episode is so great it easily could have cracked the top 5.

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