As the gang prepares to graduate from California University, Kelly’s hatred of Valerie comes to a head, and there’s no greater hatred in all of TV history than Kelly v. Val. It’s completely irrational. Kelly thinks Val’s no good. She smokes pot. She lies about pregnancy’s and abortions. She leaves diaper’s on her lover’s doorstep. But, Kelly was a coke head, a diet pill addict, a cult member and every man on the show (Brandon, Dylan, Steve, David, Matt) saw her naked. She stole her best friend’s boyfriend and then started dating her ex-boyfriend’s best friend. She’s a hot mess and for some reason thinks she’s better than Val. Donna finally gives up her V-Card in a ridiculously over done set up, that nearly put David to sleep. But the reason this episode make the list is Steve Sander’s “best prank ever” for graduation. It’s not the prank itself, but one line in particular. Dressed all in black and a ski mask. Steve asks Muntz “Who am I? Who am I? I’m Steve Sanders. With a cap on. Giddie up!” It’s dialogue like this that makes 90210 so wonderful.

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