I’ve driven past this place 1000 times and always had the same thought. And it was always about John Laskowski and his preference for open sided MRI. I had to go here last week for an ultrasound on my abdominal aorta (thanks genetics). I thought it was great that I finally had cause to enter a place offering the fabled open sided MRI.

Then I had the worst ultrasound ever. My stomach still has a six-eight inch internal bruise that is sore to the touch thanks to the mortar and pestle style in which the technician ground the magic ultra sound wand into my stomach. For close to 45 minutes.

I know that Las was only trying to help, and also that he was only talking about Open Sided MRI, but I can’t help but hold him partially responsible.

Thank God Todd Leary has never told me to get any medical procedures. It takes a real man to follow his advice. 

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