After one weekend I’ve come down pretty much where I expected to on the Big Ten Network. It’s a great idea that will only get better. There was IU football on this weekend, as well as (and this is almost more exciting to me) IU soccer. College soccer is not something that gets much air time, unless it’s the college cup. But now, thanks to the Big Ten Network, there is IU soccer on television. This may not excite many people, but it excites me. And I believe that plus all of the other sports that can now be televised will be enough to excite a lot of other people.

The best news, however, for the Big Ten network was that Appalachian State v. Michigan game on Sat. It was the first game on the Big Ten Network and it was a classic. The Big Ten Network needs games like that to fight the argument that the cable networks are putting out there that BTN is only carrying second tier games. I guarantee there were a number of people pretty pissed they could watch that game.

On the negative, I’m not a huge fan of the look of the soccer game. The shots are a little tight, and it doesn’t look like an ESPN quality broadcast. It looks more like one of those BET football game productions. The other thing that should get tweaked is the graphics. The screen that listed all the scores for the day was various shades of black and grey. Not easy to read. Easy fix, and I’m sure they’ll straighten that out.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the BTN, and glad I’ve got Directv so I can watch it.

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  1. I’m excited about the opportunity to see some college wrestling a few months (likely in a very small minority here). I didn’t initially like the fact that the B11 was getting into the TV business, but after hearing about the squeeze ESPN was attempting (forcing 2nd tier games to Thurs night), I feel much better about the channel and league.

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