IU football begins tomorrow, in the annual quest to finally return to a bowl game. I think this year 7-5 and a bowl bid my be in the cards, but I think that almost every year, despite all evidence to the contrary. The difference is that I’m not just hopeful this year. I expect us to get this done. Now, as an IU fan (and thus a hater of the 3rd quarter) I know that a million things can and very well may go wrong before we make a bowl appearance, but this team really should get over that hump.

There’s also the very real feeling that the team is extra motivated to get this done for Hep.

Which brings me to another issue. How can you not feel, as a Hoosier fan, that this program is doomed. We’ve been kicked sqa in tha nuts so many times the dull ache has become a constant mild throbbing at this point, much like I imagine Mitch Kramer ass felt after the seniors caught him after his baseball game. To emphasize this point and drive it home to those of us who may not have been expecting Lucy to pull the ball away, again. The reason we didn’t go to a bowl last year was because of the losses we suffered while Hep was out having his second operation. You get that. What kept us from a bowl game was brain surgery. You can’t get a much more serious raod block thrown in your way.

Except, wait. Just when we’re all getting the feeling like the program is finally moving in the right direction and we’re just a breath away from a modicum of respectability, Hep dies.

As a human being, this is just tragic and heartbraking. No family should have to suffer this kind of hurt.

As an IU football fan, my reaction, was, well that figures. Just when it seems like we’ve made it over the chasm and past the  monsters and orcs and are about to emerge from the mines or Moria,  the fire whip grabs our Gandalf by the ankle and yanks him into darkness (believe it or not, when I started that paragraph I had no idea a Lord of the Rings reference was coming.) I could go on with the analogy about how we need to move on after our leader has fallen and finish the quest, but that’s so lame and geeky I can’t bring myself to do it.

My point is this dude. My concern is that this year we will get it done. We’ll finally return to a bowl game and at the end of the year Bill Lynch will get the head coaching job on a long term basis because of the two sweetest words in the English language, De-Fault.

Coach Lynch may be the right person for this job. He may not, but the last time we had an interim coach who had some success we had to suffer through the Mike Davis Era. I can’t do that again. I’m not that strong.

At the end of this season, regardless of our record, the IU football program and all of the fans deserve an exhaustive coaching search. Bill Lynch should be included in the list of candidates, but the university would be cheating all of us if they don’t go out and try to find the absolute right person for this job and bring them in to continue building this program. Just like they did when they hired Hep.

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  1. Liked what I saw yesterday; total agree with conducting a comprehensive coach, I’d expect nothing less from Greenspan; My main fear this year is that the team lacks a complete running back – not sure if we have enough running power to keep B11 defenses honest.

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