Today is Laura’s birthday. Everyone wish here well. Out of curiosity I was looking on to see who she shared her birthday with. Here’s a brief list.

Matt LeBlanc
Estelle Getty
Walter Payton
At least 5 porn stars (3 of whom were also born in the same year.)
Walter Brennan
and my absolute favorite

the cause for the answer to this question

"What is the greatest comedy killer of all time?"

"The Assassination of Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand."

That’s right history buffs. My wife shares her birthday with Gavrillo Princip. The man who assassinated Arch-Duke Franz Ferdinand beginning World War I.

I can’t explain, and don’t really need to, why that’s fantastic. Either you agree with me right away, no thought involved that there’s something awesome about that, or you don’t care at all. But trust me, it’s awesome.

So, if you see any of these people wish them a happy belated birthday. Except Gavrillo Princip. He’s dead and he’s a douche.

Happy Birthday Laura.

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