Last night I was up until 2am finishing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Turns out Hermoine really likes cheese. I never saw that twist coming. Amazing!

Finishing this book in 3 days, which is a record for me, doesn’t even come close to putting me in the same class as the people who got it Friday night (we saw one of these horror shows. We decided to go home and go to bed) and didn’t sleep until they had finished it.

I find that kind of devotion pretty remarkable, but I’ve got things to do. Though, not that many clearly if I finished it in three days.

And, while I really liked the book (the end is particularly satisfying. At lest it was for me) I wasn’t necessarily reading it because I was sucked into the story. I wanted to finish it before I accidentally found out what happened.

This fear was the driving force behind my reading pace. It’s kind of a shame. To more or less be forced to read it fast or have it ruined for you kind of sucks.

As long as there are thing people are excited about there will be long lines of people eating fiber and corn just waiting to take a shit on it for them.

So because of the great masses of ass clowns, we’re all forced to stop what we’re doin’ cause they’re about to ruin, and read until your eyes fall out.

Still, though, I’m glad I know the ending and got it meet it on my owns terms without having it spoiled for me.

And I can’t believe Ron’s mom is really a dude. Never saw that one coming.

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