Last weekend my brother and his girlfriend were in town visiting. We had a great time. Did all of the "Chicago" things you can fit into 4 days. One conversation keeps replaying itself in my head, as I found it typical of talking to Michael, and thus, very funny.

Michael: "Name the top three things that are pickled." (It should be noted that this came out of nowhere and was something he apparently saw on Family Feud. At the time I didn’t know that. It just seemed really random.)
Me: "Pickled? Cucumbers. Herring.
Michael: "What’s Herring?"
Me: "It’s a fish. They pickle it."
Michael: "No."
Me: "What do you mean no?" How do you quantify this answer? Lots of people eat pickled herring."
Michael: "That’s not the right answer."
Me: "OK, I give up. What’s the answer"
Michael: "Cucumbers. Eggs. and Peppers."
Teresa: (who had been listening to this high minded exchange the whole time, and I might add, agreed with me about the herrings) indignantly "Who pickles peppers?!?!??"
Michael: "Peter Piper."

He wins.

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