As part of my long overdue trip to the grocery store today I stopped into GNC to buy my protein shakes (which my 6th graders refer to as my chorro shake. The even made up a song about it. It was annoying but they aren’t wrong about how it looks.) On my way into the store I noticed a sign on window advertising a special service offered at this GNC.

Notary Public

I walked in and the salesperson said,
"How are you today?"
"Fine. Hey, do you get much call for that notary public thing?"
Long confused pause, which I attribute to the fact that not one person has ever asked anyone who works there about their notary service.
"I don’t know that we’ve ever had anyone request it."
"That’s pretty much what I thought."

So, if you need a colon cleanser and something notarized, it is your one-stop-shopping lucky day.

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