We have decided to get our air ducts cleaned for all of the usual reasons one does such things. I logged on to servicemagic.com, which is a very helpful website if you have this type of work that needs doin’. You type in what you are looking for (I typed "I need my air ducts cleaned" Not to ruin where this is going, but remember that that is what I said I needed), they match it with companies who do that type of thing (Much like when Dorothy wanted to start a small business and put an add in the classifieds saying "Will do any job for $10" but it was accidentally placed in the personal adds. We all laughed and then got a lot of uncomfortable mental images of Bea Arthur in Flagrante.) then those companies either e-mail or call you.

Within minutes of clicking send, I got a phone call from a company, and while I was on with them, I got another call. I clicked over, and asked if the nice woman on the line could hold on, I was on the other line. I clicked back to company A, got a quote and some information. This took almost 5 minutes. I clicked back to company B. She was still on the line, which surprised me as I had taken so long with company.

"Hi, I’m back, sorry about that."
"No, problem. You need your air ducts cleaned?"
"That’s correct."
"We don’t clean air ducts."
Long confused pause on my part.
"OK. Bye."

As Principal Skinner said when photographed coming out of the Maison Derriere. " I was just in there to get directions for how to get away from there."

They called me. Waited on hold for five minutes. Just to tell me they couldn’t help me. They could have accomplished the same thing by not calling me at all.

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