I’m not sure I’ve ever come on here and said, go buy something, or at least put it on your Netflix, but this needs to be said.

I would imagine that most of you who read this have some memory of this show, but for those who don’t. WKRP in Cincinnati Season 1 has finally come out on DVD. This is perhaps one of the greatest sitcoms ever. It’s one of the few that you can watch today and still laugh at. All in the Family, Seinfeld, Cheers, The Simpsons, Southpark and WKRP. That may be it. If I’m missing one, please let me know, but for consistency, that may be the list.

The hold up on this DVD has been getting the rights to the music that was in the show. When this show was first aired no one thought to get the rights to sell these songs as part of the show in a format like DVD, so getting that all worked out has been something of a chore, and from what I gather, they mostly just had to give up on it and replace the music. I haven’t seen the new DVDs so I hope it doesn’t ruin the experience, but the music isn’t what stands out to me. It’s the characters.

Arthur "Big Guy" Carlson, general manager of the radio station. Horrible at his job and only in it because his mom owns the station. A much less scary Michael Powell.

Herb Tarlek, the sleavy sales manager in the plaid jacket, who wants nothing more than to bang the receptionist.

Jennifer Marlowe, the hot receptionist, who happens to be the highest paid employee in the company.

Less Nessman, newsman, with a bandaid and a dream. To have walls.

Dr. Johnny Fever, the drive time DJ brought in after he was fired from another station for being vulgar.

Bailey Quarters, Mary Anne to Jennifer’s Ginger

Venus Flytrap, overnight soul brotha, way too smooth for the rest of these jokers.

and Randy Travis, the Program director brought in to try and run this mess.

It’s a fantastic collection of characters in a great setting. Do yourself a favor, if you remember it or have never seen it, go get it. Watch it. Love it.

Oh, yeah, fellow babies. BOOGER!


  1. WKRP is one of the greats. Less Nessman rules as the king of passive aggressivity, and I much prefer Howard Hessman as Dr. Johnny Fever than The Head of the Class teacher.
    Once in college, as an RA, I took my floor to King’s Island in Cincinatti…on the DRPS dime of course! (Okay, not fully, but they did pay for the vans.)
    As we rolled by Cincy I started singing the theme song and go no love from my younger/Gen. Xer brothers. It was a shame. I almost drove them by the fountain just to show them what’s up.

  2. You’re missing the greatest goddamned sitcom of all time, and I think it’s high time you “NIP IT IN THE BUD.”

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