Our long national nightmare has ended. I am no longer watching Dancing with the Stars. After tonight’s show, where Ian Ziering was one of the low level stars getting it done on the dance floor.  Well, Ian pulled out his Elvis impression, made famous in the episode where the gang flew to Vegas to stop Brenda from marrying Stewart (they stopped her, in case you were wondering) but it wasn’t enough to beat the other three "stars" left. I watched this show the whole season. It’s pretty damn near unwatchable. If not for the DVR and my fast forward button I don’t think I could have done it. It’s just not that interesting.

I was in it 100% for the 90210 factor, which doesn’t make me any less pathetic, I realize this, but I own my own OKness. We’ve been over this and over this. I’m OK, you’re OK. That there’s what it is. This circle is me. I won’t be sent into a shame spiral. I am a human being, not a human doing, or vice versa, I can’t remember which is the good one. And WE LIKE ROY!

Anyway, I voted last night. I used my 5 total votes. All for Steve Sanders with a cap on. All for naught, and all for love.

What makes me the saddest about this whole thing (aside from watching Billy Ray Cyrus dance) is that I fear this is the last we may ever see of Ian Ziering on television. I hope not. I hope he gets the post primary bump from this and gets a pilot or at least some guest starring role in whatever piece of shit Jason Preistley gets cast in next, but this may be it for this star that hath shone so brightly, if ever so briefly.

So that may be it for Ian. It’s certainly it for me and Dancing with the Stars. That is until Tim Reid, or Bronson Pinchot end up in next year’s show. I’d go out and buy whatever they were advertising to see Bronson Pinchot work in the Balki dance into the Cha Cha Cha, or the waltz.

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  1. We just hired a Christian Comedian to come and perform in our new worship center that seats 1000+. Dead ringer for Steve Sanders in 10 years. Check out his website at adamchristing.com. He was a good performer and mentioned the resemblance during his act proving once again JT’s theory that Aaron Spelling binds the universe together.
    I hate it when he’s right!
    Glad it’s not that often!

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