… Ends up on this blog. At least when I go there with my wife.

I had a few fantastic conversations this past weekend in Las Vegas. They could have happened anywhere and have pretty much nothing to do with being in Vegas, but this is where I was when I met these people.

As part of my Vegas ritual, doing something two times in a row makes it a ritual, we went to the In ‘N Out Burger. And while I’ll admit there are some good burgers there, I was in GI distress for pretty much the rest of that day. Not the point. We were sitting there eating next to this other couple from Texas. The "him" in this couple reminded me a great deal of my uncle Pat.  We talked about the normal vacation stuff, where you’re from, what brings you to town, all of this stuff. We tell him the reason for the visit to the In N’ Out is 100% Lebowski related. He doesn’t react as though he’s seen the movie, which is a shame, but based on the following conversation is probably better for him.

Texas Uncle Pat: "That’s a pretty good reason to eat somewhere."
Laura: "My dad took us to the diner from the Blues Brothers."
TUP: "I didn’t like that one. Too much cursing (my clue that he would not like the Big Lebowski). I did like the Blues Brothers 2000 (my clue that he would not like anything funny).
Me: "The music is really good in both, but yeah, there’s a lot of cursing in original."
TUP: "You know the show the Munsters?"
Laura doesn’t hear what he says and looks confused so I do my Herman Munster impression. He goes on to tell us about this guy in a town near his who built a 1313 Mocking Bird Lane replica and how they open it up to tourists, etc.

Any Munster’s reference brings to my mind Apu’s question to Butch Patrick "If your mother was a vampire, and your father was a Frankenstein, why are you a wolfman?"

I say this to Laura and TUP laughs, and says

"I never thought of that. That is a really good point. I’ll never be able to watch that show again without thinking of that."

I cited my source for the line so as not to take undue credit.

So, the end result of this story is I went to eat a movie related hamburger and ended up ruining the Munsters for some poor guy from Texas.

Vegas is awesome!

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