I spent an evening with a few other couples the other night, and of the men in the group I was by far the least geeky. I have my geek tendencies, so calling someone a geek isn’t necessarily an insult. In fact, I’d say that most geeks where this moniker proudly. Here are some clues as the geek factor of this bunch. I’m saving the best for last, and mind you this is not an indictment of anyone, except maybe the last comment. That was too much even for me.

1.) I was the only one there who doesn’t program computers or work in hardcore IT. I only teach technology at a grade school.

2.) The conversation that got the table going the most, myself included, was about Buffy, Battlestar Galactice, Sci-Fi in general, and the Dark Tower.

3.) I started that conversation by bringing up the Buffy comic book.


5.) There were World of Warcraft players in the mix.

6.) And this is maybe the geekiest thing ever said by anyone who wasn’t speaking Klingon. I think we were talking about how long some had been doing something, like maybe living where they lived. One of the men in this group said, "I’ll tell you how long ago that was. The Dune books were still being written by their original author."

I have no idea when the Dune books stopped being written by their original author. I’m not completely sure I knew there was a series of Dune books, but at this point, my brain got angry and said, "That’s it. I’m outa here."

Out Geek that, if you can.

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