This morning I did something that, let’s say seven years ago, I would have been very excited to do. I tuned in, for the first time, to the Dennis Miller radio show. I did this with one eye closed, the other squinting and my head turned away from the computer. I was more apprehensive than Gerry Fleck at his Dancing with the Stars audition.

The problem with Dennis is that somewhere around 9/12/01 he moved from being a pragmatic centrist with a razor sharp wit and more pop culture references than Sanjaya has mock votes to a reactionary right wing apologist who sadly, lost the funny.

Before this transformation I would have been really excited to get to hear him every day on the radio, riffing on the headlines of the day. Now, when it comes to Dennis Miller, I’m pretty much like any Mike Tyson fan. I remember fondly when he was the best in the game, and even though he hasn’t shown anything near that ability in a looooong time I still tune it, with the hope that he’ll deliver the one punch that will bring him back to prominence. I don’t really expect it to happen, but in the part of my brain where memories and hope combine to make a Panglosian reality, I think I’m gonna get what I really want.

I tuned in this morning and, while he didn’t throw any knock-out punches, he didn’t sit there in the corner as the bell rang to start the round, looking broken and defeated either.

I’m not really on board with his politics any more, but as long as he finds the funny again, we cool.

As an example of finding the funny. Today, while talking about drilling in Alaska, he compared it to the fridge in the garage. It’s cold, it’s out of the way and it’s full of goodies. It’s time for us to go there and grab some Gino’s Pizza rolls, cause the game is on.

Not a big fan of the idea, but I like the analogy.

Anyway, here’s hoping, cha cha.

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  1. Voltaire, Christopher Guest, and Gino’s Pizza Rolls. Like a family from Louisville would say when they visit downtown Indianapolis, “this place has everything.”

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