With the NCAA Finals set for Monday. It’s Florida vs. Ohio State. This means that the same two schools who played for the football championship this year will also play for the basketball championship.

I’m going with the Packer Method on this one, because I tried to look it up, but it gave me a head ache. I think it’s a safe statement that it has never happened that the same two schools have played for the championship in the same year. I’m going out on a limb here and saying that no two schools who have played for the NCAA football championships have ever faced off for the NCAA men’s championship. In any year. Ever. I’d be really surprised if I was wrong about this. My knowledge of football records is lacking, but think about the last 30 or so NCAA men’s champions. How many of those schools even have football titles?

1977 Marquette – Nope
1978 Kentucky – Nope
1979 Michigan State -Nope
1980 Louisville – Nope
1981 Indiana – God No
1982 North Carolina – Nope
1983 NC State – Nope
1984 Georgetown – Nope
1985 Villanova – Nope
1986 Louisville
1987 Indiana
1988 Kansas – Nope
1989 Michigan – Yeah, but I guarantee they didn’t play Seton Hall in any of those football games
1990 UNLV – Nope
1991 Duke – Nope
1992 Duke
1993 UNC
1994 Arkansas – Nope
1995 UCLA
1996 UK
1997 Arizona – Nope
1998 UK
1999 Connecticut – Nope
2000 Michigan St.
2001 Duke
2002 Maryland – Nope
2003 Syracuse
2004 UConn
2005 North Carolina
2006 Florida -Yep, but I don’t think they’ve ever played UCLA for a title

Which brings us to now. So, Michigan and Florida are the only two possibilities in the alst 30 years. I don’t know if UCLA ever won a Football title, but that takes care of the previous ten years, with the exception of Indiana, NC State and UTEP.

There I just put about 10 minutes more effort into proving my blanket statement than is necessary to make an assertion using the Packer Method. I’d love to know if I’m wrong about this, so if someone either knows off the top of their head or feels like looking up whether two schools who have played for the basketball title have ever played for the football title I’d be interested.

Also, go Big Ten. Go Buckeyes.


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