After watching the first day of the NCAA tournament here are my thoughts.

1.) I wish I’d tried my chalk only bracket this year instead of last year. Which makes me think…

2.) Either the committee has figured out the relative differences between the Major conferences and the Mid-Majors and have begun seeding according to who is really the better team. SUI and Butler are high seeds. Illinois is a 12. Those seem right to me. So, maybe they have really seeded correctly for the first time in the history of the tournament. Or, and only time will tell, Thursday was a fluke and today is the day my brackets get effed in the A. If drawing conclusions based on what has happened in the past is the correct way to make predictions, then the latter is most certainly the truth.

3.) Two and a Half Men is not funny, and no amount of commercials will make me tune into that crap.

4.) Mia Hamm as a soccer mom and Kevin Garnett as the "milk man." I’m not sure where I come down on this one, but it leaves me uneasy, though I like Peyton forgetting his play book, again. Mild chuckle.

5.) DJ passed out of a double team last night and Rod hit the three. This happened relatively early in the 2nd half. I only point it out because the infrequency of this occurrence makes it notable. Like Jim Carey doing something funny. I laughed one time during Dumb and Dumber, after claiming there’s no way I would laugh at all. 12 years later I still remember the line I thought was funny. Same thing.

6.) I have no idea how Lance Stemmler went from being a decent outside shooter to being Todd Lindeman, but it’s horrible. I stand by his value to the team as a defensive presence and an all around good player who the Rock would like because he knows his role, but he clunked a number of wide open shots last night. It was ugly.

7.) Speaking of which, Gonzaga missed more gimmies than "insert teen-aged protagonist from any ‘guys trying to get laid in high school movie ever made’" Watching them shoot last night was like watching Mikey call Nikki about 40 times too many in Swingers. We’ve all frakked up like that, but it’s not fun watching someone else do it. Repeatedly. For 40 minutes.

I’m stopping at 7 and here’s why, and I gotta warn you this is gonna make next to no sense. I was in my Administrative Theory class the other night. Last night of the quarter, first 70+ day of the year. You can imagine my ability to focus. My professor for reasons I’ll never be able to get my brain around, brought up new math and using base 7. I’m 31, and I’m at the older end of the spectrum in this class. There are probably a few people 3-5 years older than me, but most are younger. I never had one minute of schooling on base 7 or anything like that. His explanation, filtered through my 35% attention rate basically boiled down to counting on your fingers, if you had three missing, and the 7 is like 10. This makes no sense to me at all. I’m not sure I care enough to figure it out. I did google base 7 and got some math explanation that make my Transitive Theory of Tim Hardaway look as dumb as it is, maybe more so. I gave up quickly, but not before I got a headache from it.

So, based on my understanding of base 7, I have now used up all of my fingers. My ten observations are now done.


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  1. coming from a math major, new math is ridiculous. I spent a semester my senior year unlearning everything I knew to be true because I had to write proofs galore supporting non-euclidian geometry which is based on many non-sensical principles such as “between two points, there are an infinite number of lines”

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