THIS is the most wonderful time of the year. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the greatest sporting event of this or any other year. For world wide appeal and it’s infrequency, the World Cup can lay claim to the biggest sporting event. For sheer money making potential, and as it turns out an ability to set back free speech and increase censorship (Thanks Ms. Jackson. I’m nasty) the Superbowl packs a bigger punch, but there is nothing more exciting in sports than the first four days of the NCAA tournament.

For any basketball fan, or any sports fan for that matter, the thrill of the buzzer beater, the 12-5 upset, the George Mason’s of this or any other year create an intense gutteral reaction that cannot be matched. For the casual observer it is a chance to fill in your brackets and pull for your teams. It’s a chance for Sally from accounting to pick based on mascots and kick the crap out of everyone in the office who knows anything about basketball. It’s a chance to fill out multiple brackets, one filled with all the teams you hope make it to the final four that will be busted all to hell by 6pm on Thursday. It’s a week of lost productivity. Though, I gotta say I don’t buy this one. If people weren’t filling out their brackets they’d be shopping on ebay or playing minesweeper, or whatever it is people do not avoid work at work.

A few thoughts on this year’s tournament.

1.) Georgetown is for real. I’ve never been sold on a team so hard after watching so little of their games. If this team doesn’t make the final four, I’ll eat Otto Franken’s hat.

2.) Also, look for Notre Dame to make a bit of noise. I’m thinking sweet 16.

3.) Kansas will be the first number one to drop.

4.) SUI and Butler are sweet 16 teams.

5.) Don’t you love how I state this as fact, when there’s no doubt I’ll be wrong on at least half the things I say.

6.) This thing is all about your draw and IU got a shitty one. Though UCLA’s been on a bit of a skid. Nevada got the best deal out of all the 7 seeds.

7.) IU is destined to play the late game. I’m not certain, but I don’t think they’ve gotten an early game since Knight was fired. Same again this year.

8.) Enjoy watching Kevin Durant. In college he’s a special standout player. I won’t give two shits about him as a pro. There are a dozen player who play his type of game in the pros and I don’t care to watch any of them, but in college he’s in a class all his own right now.

9.) As always, here’s hoping for Kentucky to get their asses handed to them in the first round.

Enjoy the tournament, but more importantly, enjoy the commercials for Two and a Half Men.


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