15:59 UCLA up by one. 6-5. They are monstering DJ. They must have watched about :30 seconds of tape. He’s thrown the ball away twice and taken two suspect shots. I can’t believe they haven’t talked about it with him. He must be unbelievable bull headed. He always dribbles toward the corner and picks up his dribble. Johnny Lowery used to do that on my 5-6th grade basketball team.

Also, if, UCLA continues to switch little and big on ball screens like they did two possessions ago, DJ is going to be wide open. I hope the keep doing that.

15:15 UCLA chases and traps the dribbler at half court. IU’s got to present for Bassett. If you can get two defenders out at half court and move the ball well, there will be some very good shots.

13:56 DJ out into the corner. Again. Nice job Johnny.

13:46 Coach Sampson should call Kirk Hasten so he can talk to DJ. DJ has got to make a much faster post move. He waits for the double team to come that he has no ability to handle. Still 6-5.

13:17 The half court defense on both ends has been relentless. That’s nice to see. IU 7-6.

12:15 I don’t know how, but Brad Miller is back in college and is playing for UCLA. Maybe it’s just his headband.

11:54 Some just ignored the myth. That is the first time any announcer has noticed DJ’s double team problem and suggested some solutions. Coudos. Ant not to make it seem like I’m dumping on DJ. He’s been very good on defense tonight. At least two blocks and he’s cleaning up the boards. 0 points, but doing all the other things.

9:58 That Westbrook dunk over Wilmont was sick.

9:43 Calloway can drive all day long. If he can make good passes to people who are ready, that may win IU this game.

7:30 Here’s the problem for IU in this game. The games where they have looked the worst and had the most problems are against teams who lock it down in the half court. They play well defensively and that keeps it close, but without being able to establish an offensive rhythm makes it really hard to win.

5:00 Another great defensive possession by IU. IU is shooting 19% and UCLA 25%. That last one went to the end of the shot clock and UCLA was forced to take a 25 foot contested jump shot.

4:45 Another front end missed. With the shooting as tough as it is, free throws are even more important in this game than most.

3:08 Even the open shots are tough to make tonight. This is a great game, that may not break 100 points total. I wish I’d bet the under, whatever it is.

2:09 Nice hustle Lance Stemler. No points though. Rolled ankle for Calloway.

1:15 UCLA is sagging off Lance Stemler. His man is playing in the middle of the lane and waiting to go double team DJ. Either Lance needs to go as far away from DJ as possible, or the entry pass needs to come from him. If he has the ball his man needs to come up and that makes the double team a little slower.

Halftime: God that was brutal UCLA 20- IU 13.

18:35 This game is gonna be decided by the first team who can put together a 5 possessions in a row with points.

18:16 Double Team. Turnover. lay-up. Crap.

17:17 There’s four in a row for UCLA. I hate it when I’m right. Indiana has been very patient on offense. Not a lot of bad shots, but they’ve almost been too patient. They’re gonna need to start pushing the action on the offensive end if they’re gonna score at all.

16:06 Two possessions where the action has been pushed by IU. Good results. As much as I hate basketball that requires the dribble. Dribble penetration would help IU a lot here.

13:49 At this point, while IU is still playing good defense, UCLA is getting much better looks than is IU. IU’s defense needs to go back on lockdown. It would also be helpful for IU to hit a 3 pointer or two.

12:45 This time I like being right. IU has gone to dribble penetration and are suddenly scoring.

10:51 The intensity has picked up, but they gotta get away from passing into the post. It’s been almost completely useless. Penetrate and kick. I’d also like ot see Rod wake up and score.

9:42 GENIUS!!!!! Pentrate and kick = 3 points for Bassett. IU on a 9-0 run.

7:18 That’s bad. got it down to 7, back out to 12 now. This game needs momentum for IU to get back in it, and that’s gonna take some stops. Right now, I’m not seeing them.

5:11 It’s not looking too good. At this point it comes to speeding this game up without that leading to sloppy defensive play. IU will not catch up with every possession lasts 25-30 seconds.

4:36 Shot clock violation, but again too long of a possession.

4:27 LANCE STEMLER FOR 3!!!!!!! I just wish it hadn’t take all season to find his stroke again. Maybe too late.

3:11 IU on a run. Down 9. Increased urgency and early fouling against Mata. Then two missed  free throws. IU hitting from 3 now. 6 point game.

2:36 STEMLER FOR 3!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT! IU down by 3.

1:45 Worst shot selection ever and Wilmont hits it!!!! down by 2. No timeouts for either team.

1:14 This is now a real ball game. Stemler’s confidence is all the back. He’s looking for his shot and it has lead to 3 free throws and a chance to cut this to a 1 point game. IU has missed 10 free throws to this point. one miss. Two point game IU rebound. Calloway lay-up. Tie ballgame!!!!

38.1 IU down by 2 with the ball. Time for one more penetrate and pass.

31. IU turnover. Poor inbounds play. UCLA with a chance on the line to push it to 4. And Calloway is out. Makes the drive and dish that much harder.

28.7 UCLA by 4. This is gonna be tough.

10.5 IU falls apart in the last 20 seconds. Fought all the way back and then just got stupid.

End. All things considered I’m pretty proud of the way this team played tonight. Very good on defense, and never quit. I think if there’d been one more timeout in the bank the mental breakdown at the end might have been prevented. The character of this team is a real reflection of the work Sampson has done with them this year. To have to work that hard all game to get anything going offensively and still tie the game with a minute left to go. Indiana basketball is in good hands and is heading in the right direction.

One comment

  1. did you notice the good defense that the UCLA coach played on Stemler on the in-bounds play that went wrong? He was standing an arms length distance from Lance and seemed to be yelling (probably at his players). At the time — I was super pissed. I wish Stemler would have pulled a Daryl Thomas-to Brad Lohaus inbounds pass except targeting the caoch instead of the defender (if you recall one of the more memorable in bound passes of the 80’s)

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