I’m trying to get a feel for people’s perceptions about the law and how it applies to schools. There are as many issues as there are people and I don’t want to narrow the discussion at the beginning. So I’ll pose a few open ended questions. Please feel free to respond to any or all of them.

1.) What are your views of first amendment issues when it comes to schools? School prayer, uniforms, speech issues, etc.

2.) What are your views of No Child Left Behind?

3.) What are your views on school liability in case of injury?

Those should be enough to get started. Thanks again.



  1. 1. I think uniforms are a good thing and even though a student might think so, I don’t think it violates #1 A. In schools (just like parenthood) a great deal of the 1st A. is “suspended” and my dad might have a better way to say this. Uniforms try to create an even playing field, help cut costs, and cut down on crime and violence. Most public schools in the city have uniforms now and they either have a school logo shirt or simple plain colored shirt and slacks. There is nothing mentioned about shoes except for covering the toes (faculty too). As far as prayer, I think it has no place in public school. And I haven’t heard of anyone missing it. There are plenty of holiday activities to have people see it is a predominately christian society. I try to cover the main religions’ holidays but even that is tricky.
    3. School liability. This is tricky – I get so tired of the stupid bathroom that I don’t know who is crying wolf anymore. Also with all the LD/BD/ADD are you going to keep them under control or let them out for everything? I think the school is at fault if they don’t create a policy that is across the board for teachers to coordinate with one another. Schools are responsible for making sure safety measures are in place and blood precautions taken. Is it working – no I have to take it on myself that I have my gloves. Also, what about my mom who saved a kid choking – she would have been liable if she broke the kids’ rib. I am not even sure what are the boundaries that our union protects us.
    I just went in circles creating more questions – sorry.

  2. 1. I think teachers have lost too many rights. They are walking a legal tight rope while being expected to teach, nurture, and parent, while not disciplining, touching, or speaking loudly. Oh, they must not be openly Christian. The constant testing of teachers and students is stupid and misses the point. Good teachers are just as obvious when they “happen”, and should be rewarded competitively.
    2.) Teachers should be paid what they are worth, which is equal to lawyers, dentists, and several of the saints.
    3.) I believe prayer should be allowed in public schools. Anyone who does not believe in it should exercise their right to sit down at their desk and look out the windows, for heaven’s sake. Our children need a god and at least one parenting parent. They teachers who are happy with teaching and who are being paid well to be intellegent, knowledgeable, creative, thinking, moral, professionals.
    I am not a teacher :]

  3. Prayer should be allowed and clothing should be regulated.
    It comes down to common sense. You are in school to learn. Not just theories, but how to live in society and get along unselfishly. Those who want there way ( in how they dress or how they want others to follow their beliefs) care only for themselves and not t;he good of society. Very very few people are atheistic. We believe in GOD. You don’t have to wear sack cloth and ashes but you should not be afraid to say a prayer before you do something. The clothing issue is all dictated by the fashion industry to generate more profits. Don’t humiliate someone because they can’t afford the latest style and don’t encourage immoral or illegal behavior by allowing revealing clothing or gothic or gansta or gang colors. Again,use common sense.
    As for teachers rights,I have mixed feelings.There are too many ‘tenured’ instructors, who have no idea of what is going on in the real world, who think they have a right to a job just because they have been there a long time. I have to show my worth every day and I believe they should have to also. I also beieve that they should not have their hands so tied that they cannot discipline a student who is disruptive. I’m not for reinstating the hickory stick, but smart mouthed little s”ts who want to keep others as dumb as they are, should know that there are consequences.
    All rights carry a responsi
    bilty. I have the right to take a book from the library, but I have the responsibilty to return it in good condition. I have the right to free speech, to an education, to my religious beliefs, to my taste in music and many other things, but I have the responsibilty use those rights so that they do no harm to others. My right to swing my arm stops at your nose. USE COMMON SENSE!!!!!!!!

  4. 1. I think pausing for a moment of silence is a good median.People who want to pray can pray then, and people who don’t want to don’t have to.
    I think uniforms are good. It is easier for parents and children. Problem is that uniform companies are increasing their prices these days. And poor families might not be able to afford them.
    2. NO child left behind is a great idea. NO CHILD SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND!!! Problem is we don’t have enough money to leave no child left behind. Government needs to start providing more money so no child can be left behind.
    A child in first grade who was held back in Kindergarten is not allowed to be held back in first grade if he/she needs to. he/she is just pushed along through the system beause they are worried that he will not socialize well with classmates that he/she would have if he/she is held back.
    Teacher assistants are the ones that would be most beneficial for executing the NO Child Left Behind Act, but who wants to be a teacher’s aide. they get paid horribly. Even if money was available and teachers and their assistants were being paid more to work longer, a lot of parents are uninvolved with their children. If parent’s don’t work with their children outside of school, it kinda seems like a waste for government to spend billions on this policy. On paper it is a wonderful idea. Reality is money won’t be spent on it.

  5. 1. I find it hard to believe there are people out there who still think school prayer is a good idea. I despise censorship, so if you want to talk about how much you like Jesus in school, go for it. However, be prepared to hear it from the non-Christians out there who are also exercising their right to blab about their religion (or lack of religion). But prayer? Do you mean that there would actually be a school-led prayer, like before lunch or after recess? No way. The supernatural is best left for Sundays–not a place that is meant to teach fact and skills. Christianity does not equal morality.
    2. I like the idea of uniforms, but that’s only because I hate to shop. Unfortunately, girls will find creative ways to looks slutty with anything you give them to wear. Maybe we should teach them self-confidence, or perhaps attack the media industry instead of, once again, laying all the responsibility on schools. We can police the school, we can’t police a multi-billion dollar industry–so guess who’s responsible for proper attire…
    3. Again, it’s about policing. No Child Left Behind only exists because it is easier to police the people who teach children than the people who raise children. I do like the idea of school improvement if the money is there!
    4. School liability–use common sense. I think it’s probably a good idea to protect, to some extent, a school that doesn’t charge it’s students to go there (or babysit, whatever you’d like to call it).

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