After watching last night’s IU v. Illinois game in the Big Ten tournament I have a lot of things to say, but I’ll keep this to basically one point, with a short preface. I haven’t play-by-played the last two games because I didn’t watch them at home, but I wish that I had, because I watch the game more closely and feel and instead of just shouting things to an empty room and having Laura ask me who I’m talking to (you think she’d know by now that I’ll talk whether there’s an audience or not) I can write my impressions which means someone may read what I was pissed or excited about. Makes it more fun, I guess is the short answer.

As an example, during last night’s game, this year’s IU SID myth became very clear. Last year, if you were watching as much as I was you heard every announcer who did an IU game refer to two
things throughout the course of the game. 1.) Robert Vaden’s High Basketball IQ. I don’t know how you measure that but if it is done by observation of the way he plays and the choices he makes on the court, and not by some mysterious Wonderlic Test given at admission, Jamie and Adam would call this one BUSTED! Jay Edward’s and Alex Smith’s early jumps to the pros are to planning for your future through savings and wise investment as Robert Vaden’s frequent decisions are to collecting grease and  reselling it to plan for retirement. (I can count on one hand the number of people who are going to completely untangle that last analogy. My thought process is sloppy at best, but trust me that makes sense and is mildly amusing). 2.) Marco Killingsworth has 5% body fat. God Bless Rick Majerus, who may be one of the industries experts on body fat, for pointing out during one game late in the Big Ten season last year that there’s no way in hell the Marco Killingsworth had 5% body fat. No one, in the previous 20 or so games thought to call shenanigans on that piece of information. The announcers just read from the sheet the the University’s Sports Information Director (SID) gives them, assuming that it’s correct without paying attention to what is really going on some sometimes.

Well, and I thought this was going to be short, this year’s myth(, myth. Yeth?) has to do with DJ White. The announcers during last night’s game made frequent mention of DJ’s abilty to pass out of the double team. Making statements to the effect that one would think DJ would average more points, but he doesn’t because he frequently gets double teamed (True) and his ability to pass out of these situations results in a number of open 3s for his teammates, which is why IU leads the Big Ten in 3 point shooting (FALSE!!!!!!) When the ball goes into the post and a double team comes DJ, almost always dribbles parallel to the baseline toward the sideline as the double team follows him and the court gets smaller. He then throws a bad pass which either gets tipped, picked, or does not result in an immediate shot. I don’t have the tape to examine, but I’d bet the number of assists he gets per game from these situations hovers around my little league batting average (somewhere in the .00001 range). In fact it happened twice in the first half last night. DJ threw the ball away twice while being double teamed. This made no difference to the announcers who, in the second half mentioned at least twice how good he was at passing out of the double team.

I gotta get in touch with the SID and see if I can get some completely crazy information put in there so that it becomes reapeated to the point of truth. Any suggestions?


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  1. The Vaden comments made me laugh each and every game. The following is not a fire-Sampson post, but it represents my anger & frustration with IU’s inability to make March magic.
    I am so sick of IU ruining a perfectly good
    weekend of basketball viewing with a first round loss.
    I can’t remember the last time I was able to remain
    excited through the B10 tourney & the first weekend of
    the NCAA. I trust that Sampson views this as
    unacceptable and will not continue the trend this next
    week AND next year.
    I am lighweight when it comes to basketball IQ, but as
    a fan, I can question a few things:
    1) What happened to the offense? Especially in the
    overtime? Why did we milk the clock and rely on a
    freshman’s one-on-one moves?
    2) It may have backfired, but I told Emily at the
    beginning of OT, that I would have thrown in a atleast
    a couple of fresh bodies. Although no one is a
    standout, there is not a significant dropoff in many
    positions. Every one of Basset’s shots were coming up
    short. I was hoping that he would go with Earl at the
    point (he had been coming in and out), Wilmont (who
    had been splitting time with Ratliff for the last 10
    minutes or so), and Joey Shaw (who hadn’t played all
    game — his fresh legs & his ability to manufacture
    offense would have been a pleasant addition to the
    court). Sure Shaw can make the stupid play, but it
    was obvious IU had nothing going on the offensive side
    of the ball for a good long time. Why not let him
    take a turn — I guarantee he would have at least gone
    to the line a few times against the worn out Illini.
    PS – I love the rivalry that is growing between
    Illinois and Indiana — I know that I hate them more
    than Purdue … although I probably would not have
    said that the day after IU’s disappointing loss in
    West Lafayette.

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