Seems I can’t start this on time.

8:01 IU up by 6 at this point. This has been a defensive battle. Pretty much to be expected. DJ is scoreless at this point and Neitzel has 2. This ain’t gonna be pretty

6:17 It took Vitale almost 10 mintues to bring up naming something after Bob Knight. The amount of restraint it takes a dog in heat not to hump everything that moves is roughly equivalent to how long Vitale waited tonight.

4:56 DJ gets on the board with a free throw. Looking at him this game I’m struck with how cut he is relative to the start of the season. BTW, another MSU turnover. IU is up by 10

4:13 Rod Wilmont’s Robert Vaden-like basketball IQ is on display tonight. He’s taken at least three shots that are at best highly suspect and at worst retarded.

3:18 Since DJ’s two free throws this game has been about as sloppy as, ah crap I can’t come up with anything, ooh, A Denny Crum era U 0f L game. There that’s it.

2:29 14 turnovers so far by MSU. Vitale just said "And these aren’t apple turnovers. I love apple turnovers." Swear to God. You can check the tape. Also, just saw the Dr. Brown Directv commercial. I just watched Back to the Future the other day as it happened to be on TV. Whoever they hired for continuity on this spot really dropped the ball. The cut on his head, in the movie if over his right eye. In the commercial it’s over his left. After reading that, it sounds really dumb that I 1) noticed it and 2) bothered to type it, but as Sally Albright said "It’s out there."

addendum to the above comment. We’re only 8 years away from the Hill Valley of the future, and as best I can tell we’re no closer to hover boards than we were in 1985. Laughable!

1:40 Worst pass ever. Erik Suhr to the Izzone.

:59 Another cold night for Lance Stemler. He needs a slump buster.

:21 Held MSU to 20 points in the first half. Game’s only half over, but if you’re gonna get this one, this is how you have to do it. Shut down defense and a lot of forced turnovers.

Halftime: Laura’s watching the game with me tonight. And by watching, of course I mean reading a book, but she is in the same room as the game which is a HUGE step. We tried to go watch this game tonight at Kirkwoods, which is a new IU bar here in Chicago. It seems like a nice place, but it was PACKED. We walked in, saw the crowd and heard the loud. Turned around and walked out the door. I gave the whole situation my best Roger Murtaugh. "I’m gettin’ too old for this shit." And then I jumped into a tub with another man, who happens to hate the Jews.

2nd Half: Oh, btw, the other night I said I’d let you knwo when I saw a good screen. Lance Stemmler set one in the first half for Rod Wilmont, who then clanked it.

19:01 Going to the line for 3. This is the second time Bassett has been fouled while shooting a 3. That’s some heads up defense.

18:40 Crap Neitzel, just hit a big 3. I don’t like that. Don’t need to see him get hot. IU still by 10

17:49 Crap. There’s another one. It’s now a 5 point game. See. What did I say?

16:47 Dick Vitale cannot say the word Spartans. "Here come the Spar-ans!" Reminds me of watching Shannon Doherty  using contractions.

16:20 Bassett with the steal and a lay-up. The more I watch him, the more I like what I see.

15:31 Stemmler for 3!!!! IU back up by 11

14:17 First TV timeout of the half. So far so good. Still up by 9. MSU now has 18 turnovers.

13:14 You know what’s just as effective as double teaming DJ White. Making him catch the ball, back to the basket, 15 feet from the rim. Makes him almost completely useless.

12:07 Frustrating possession. poor shot, O-Reb, good ball movement. Travel.

11:30 4 point lead, MSU picking up the pressure and we look shaken. Yay for the TV timeout.

11:25 Another turnover. Poop

11:04 2 point game. turnover. CRAAAAPPPPPPPP!

10:51 In HD, Coach Sampson has some skin problems. No judgment, just saying

10:05 Tie game and MSU goes to the line. All caused by MSU playing the pick and roll really well on the other end and Bassett making a bad pass.

9:34 Melt down. Bad passes, turnovers, DJ hasn’t taken a decent shot pretty much all half. This is horrible.

9:08 Finally DJ hit s a field goal. Not a great look, but the best so far tonight. He worked to get position on the post and they worked to get it into him.

8:30 Two possessions in a row and they work to get the ball into DJ. Getting the ball inside leads to good things. This team tends to get away from that for long stretches at a time.

7:46 MSU by 5. This could be another good finish between these two teams.

7:40 Wilmont. Big time airball. Followed by Bassett fouling a jump shooter. Stupid

7:05 Keeling for 2. 4 point game.

6:44 Good Defense forces an MSU timeout. Two good possessions back to back. Also Laura gave up the pretense about five minutes ago and went in to take a shower. She gets the trophy for effort.

6:13 18 for Bassett so far.

5:56 Horrible defensive rotation = wide open dunk for MSU. Followed by a sloppy turnover. This is waht MC Skat Kat was singing about.

5:24 Another 3 point opportunity for MSU. IU is sleeping on Defense.

4:44 IU is gonna lose this game, unless they wake up on both end of the court.

4:10 I know he wants to get to the TV time out, but our heads are up our asses and need to be pulled forcibly out.

3:27 They just showed the stats for Dj and for Neitzel and it strikes me that the SIDs for each school should submit two head shots for each player. One smiling the other looking upset so they don’t put DJ’s smiling mug over his six miserable points.

3:26 Vitale is pulling for the Departed for Best Picture. His reasoning seems to be Susan Lucci and he’s Italian. All awards should be given out based on similar standards.

3:14 Vitale’s back on Bob Knight. I’m amazed we can understand anything Vitale says with his mouth pressed so tight to Knight’s ass.

2:22 They have not made a concerted effort to get the ball inside since I last mentioned it.

2:12 Vitale just said he thinks the ACC is the strongest conference. Man, I couldn’t be less surprised by that. Homer Simpson just said he thinks beer is the best drink.

1:31 MSU by 8. Game is over. I love Erik Suhr, but he just lost a long rebound because he’s a full foot shorter than the guy he was boxing out. That’s just tough to overcome.

:42 Got a turnover with about a minute to go and the shot we took is a 25 contested three pointer. I’m shaking my head.

:18 Erik Suhr just took a charge in the back court. Likely won’t make a difference, but it’s nice to see. MSU still up by 7.

End of Game: Gave up 20 points in the first half, and 46 in the second. Enough said.

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  1. I read this while enjoying UK’s 4th straight loss to Vanderbilt. If you are as superstitious as I am, you can chalk up the MSU loss to me & Emily – she, too, was reading in the same room as me – then she put down her book a few minutes into the 2nd half.

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