I missed a good sized chunk of the Oscars last night playing maybe the worst assemblage of people to ever call themselves a basketball team (we won 95-24 and we shouldn’t be that much better than anyone), so I didn’t see the Tenacious Burgundy musical number but I did see a clip of it this morning. And it lead me to this thought.

Every year the Academy hires someone who is supposed to be funny to host the show. This demonstrates that the Academy realizes the importance of comedy. The symbol for theatre is a comedy and a drama mask, not just a drama mask. Why in God’s name is there no recognition for comedy? Some of the greatest movies of all time have been comedies. And some of the greatest performers in the history of film have been comic actors. Just because a movie is funny doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be in the discussion for Best Picture, or that Sacha Baron Cohen didn’t turn in one of the most remarkable performances in any movie this past year.

I know I’m not the first person to bring this up, but not being first does not equal being wrong. Either include comedies in the best picture category or start recognizing them in their own category.

Plus, I for one, would like to see another hour added to the broadcast.


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