Here’s a list of names I should know, but don’t        Here’s a list of people’s names I know but shouldn’t
Richard L. Ford                                                                    Larry Birkhead
Clinton W. Ahlquist                                                            Howard K. Stern
Shawn M. Duncan                                                                Dannielynn Smith
Matthew C. Bowe                                                                Anna Nicole Smith
Adare W. Cleveland                                                            
Pedro J. Colon
Montrel S. Mcarn
Brett Witteveen
Blake H. Howey
Matthew S. Apuan
Christopher K. Boone
Kelly D. Youngblood
Brian A. Escalante
William C. Spillers
Chad E. Marsh
Justin T. Paton
Todd M. Siebert
Daniel T. Morris
John D. Rode
Ronnie G Madore, Jr
Carl Leanard Seigart
Branden C Cummings
Allen Mosteiro
Nicholas A Tanton
Russel A. Kurtz
Dennis L. Sellen Jr.
Robert B. Thrasher
Donnie R. Belser Jr.
James J. Regan
Ian W. Shaw
Eric Ross
Leroy A. Camacho
Luke Daniel Simpson

The list on the right everyone knows. The list on the left is the names of every soldier that has died in Iraq since 2/9/2007 when Anna Nicole Smith died. The top story again this morning on the Early Show was about this stupid whore and the men who nailed her. I left before the story on all of the people in the left hand column. I have a feeling I’d still be sitting there.

The news is a travesty. It makes me more angry every time I turn it on. I wish I had the time to go back and see how many women were killed by their husbands or boyfriends in the time the news spent covering Lacy Peterson. My guess is that the number is more than 50, yet they spent months on this thing. How many weddings were called off while we all wondered about the "runaway bride" and saw pictures of her and her yellow eyes, so help me god she had yellow eyes.

Now Brittany Spears is in Rehab again, for the third time this week. Who CARES! Apparently everyone is stupid, and we really care about this crap, or the news is doing us a horrible disservice every time they lead with this crap and push the real news, the news we should all care about because it effects our lives much more directly than blonde women with emotional problems ever could to the middle, end, or off the newscast completely.

I was looking over a US History text book a few years ago that is meant for high school students. A good portion of the section on the 1990s was spent on OJ. Does this qualify as the history our children need to know? It certainly seems that way. There was more time spent on the state of California v. Orenthal James Simspon than there was on Brown vs. Board of Education.

I better stop now, or I’m gonna get myself so worked up into a shoot that I won’t be able to think clearly for the rest of the day.

God, this crap bugs the hell out of me.


One comment

  1. Too right!
    Popular entertainers have a place but seriously. I often have thought about the fact that many people follow these things so religiously as an escape from their lives. The sad truth is that if we redistributed a fraction of the time we spend idolizing celebrities, we might actually be better positioned to improve our own lives. Whether it’s physical health, earning potential, education, parenting, or any multitude of other things.
    Don’t get me wrong, suspending disbelief and enjoying a bit of escapism is all well and good, but there has to be a modicum of reason applied.
    For the record though, all above statements are moot in regards to Mary K Letourneau, for obvious reasons.
    The other caveat is President Bush. He’s a twofer. Not only is he a legitimate news worthy figure to be followed but the sheer idiocy of some of the things he does ranks right up there with Britney. For this reason, you should feel no guilt in watching him as either a public official or as an entertaining train wreck.

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