“You know what the world needs more of?” I asked myself the other day.
I have serious doubts that the answer will surprise you. It certainly came as no surprise to me.
“Me. Or more precisely, greater, longer-form, access to the things I think.”
It’s true, I have an entire website (indianauniverse.com) 95% dedicated to the things I think, but it’s completely focused on the things I think about Indiana University sports.
It’s further true that I have two twitter accounts, @indianauniverse and @brothershamus, where I can blast the world with small smackerels of the things I think.
And it’s also true that there is Facebook where the people I know personally can hear, multiple times a day, the things I think.
Not to mention the small matter of having written and published one book to date with two others in various stages of completion.
There are places in this world where I can say the things I think, and where you can read the same.
But none of those places was scratching this particular itch.
It turns out that I like, and am interested in exploring, topics other than Indiana Basketball. I’ll continue my work in the universe, especially once the season gets going and I have more to say. And I’ll continue working on writing the novel and take up the long work of turning a first draft into a second draft on the other book.
But books take a long time and I need people to read what I’m writing now, not later. Well, also later, but now as well.
So, I’m resurrecting brothershamus.
What you’ll find here in the days, weeks, and months ahead will be mostly pop culture related, or so I imagine. There may be sports. There may be music. There will probably be movies. And there will most certainly be television. It’s my goal to give you something to read daily. This may be optimistic, but if you don’t throw your hat over the wall, you’ll never need to figure out how to go get it back.
Themes and trends may develop over time. I can’t say for certain at present, but everything you read here moving forward, or if you decide to go back into the archives and see what I thought was important enough to write years ago (I’d wager most of it is garbage, but there’s a series of posts on 90210 that I think might be worth a look and a piece on the greatest picture that’s ever been taken in the history of the world that makes me laugh today) will be tied together by this thread.
I’m interested in whatever you’re reading enough that I sat down to write about it.
Hopefully, you’ll be interested enough in reading it to come back.

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