In January, 2011 The Decemberists released their wildly successful album, The King is Dead. It became the number 1 album on the Billboard 200 Album chart, and the single Down By The Water was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Song, but was beaten out by some guys who fight foo’s in their spare time.

They toured in support of The King is Dead and while on the tour, the band announced that they’d be taking a long hiatus following the tour to focus on other projects, etc. etc. yada yada.

Well, on Friday, this happened.

What a Terrible World, What a Wonderful World

The long hiatus was over three years long, and I could not be more excited to see it end. I love the Decemberists, and not just because of my predilection for songs about the ghosts of babies, or WWI ranch warfare love affairs. And because of this love, any announcement of a new album would be greeted, by me, as liberators.

But this means so much more. And here’s why.

Colin Meloy is no longer disappointed in me, personally.

In 2011, I made a career change that had its positives and its negatives, and this year, I made another career change out of that previous career change.

In a direct response to the choice I made in 2011, Colin Meloy told his band to go home and not make any more music until I’d come to my senses. Well, this past spring, my senses were arrived at and, now, firmly placed upon a new trajectory, The Decemberists have agreed to quit punishing the world with their absence.

I’d like to apologize to everyone for causing this break to occur in the first place. I didn’t know that was going to happen, and if I had, I never would have done it. Mea Culpa. Mea Culpa. Mea Maxima Culpa.

I’d also like to accept everyone’s thanks and gratitude for getting my it together and making a choice that Colin could support.

You’re all welcome.