This morning, as the fourth graders in charge of raising and lowering the flag reentered the building, I complimented them on the job they did and thought back to the condition the flag was in after school yesterday, which was, well, wet is not a strong enough word to describe it.

I said to one of them, sarcastically, as they passed, “How much fun was it to take the flag down yesterday?” Thinking what a pain in the ass it must have been to perform that task in a downpour.

The answer I received was, “OH MY GOD SO MUCH FUN!!!!”

She then went on to tell me all about holding the umbrella while the other two girls tried to fold the flag in the rain. It sounded like more fun than I’ve had in a long time, even though I know I would have been annoyed.

In some ways, fourth graders and I are very different people.

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