I’m in real danger of falling so far behind that I actually miss posting about a game. I’d like to blame this on being back at work, but I was even worse when I was on break. So, either I’m a busy backson, or it just takes me longer than I would like to get my brain around this season. I’ll have to ask my uncle Trespassers W.

So, on to the Iowa game.

That was more like it.

That is the kind of competitive play I expected from this team all year. My glasses have always been an appropriate shade of not rosey, but I have been clear about my expectations for this team. I expected to get jumped repeatedly by Johnny and the rest of the Kobra Kai throughout the season, but I expected that we would slowly learn our home-repair themed lessons, and maybe not crane kick our way into
Elizabeth Shue’s arms at the end of the season, but I thought we would get a few turn-the-shower-on-Johnny-while-he-was-rolling-a-joint-dressed-like-a-skeleton-at-the-halloween-party moments along the way. Hell, maybe we’d even get to go to Golf ‘N’ Stuff.

All that talk about whether we would win a single game in the Big Ten, I thought, was pretty ridiculous. Now, I’m aware that we didn’t win, but is there anyone who watched that game who thinks we won’t be competitive at the All Valley Tournament, assuming we can get past the registration desk?

Our turnovers have come WAY down over the last few games, our ball movement looks better and I’m starting to get a feeling for who these guys are as players.

Devan Dumes is the leading scored on this team, but prior to the last two games I wouldn’t have been able to tell you that without looking it up. We didn’t have anyone who I felt confident was going to score other than Pritchard and it’s been a lot harder to get him the ball lately.

Nick Williams can also score the ball, but please for the love of Mike, confine yourself to 12-15 foot shots. You look great when you do and, like the one Asian guy in all of the the valley, when you don’t. You jump around spin, kick and look kind of cool, but then you get punched in the chest by the guy who was just standing there watching you do all that crazy crap.

I was disappointed in our attempt to run the exact same play we ran four times in a row against Lipscomb at the end of the Iowa game. AJmydog beat me to the punch on that one, and apparently so did Todd Leary. When Daniel tried to Crane kick the Japanese Johnny in Karate Kid II it didn’t work either.

Oh, and I almost forgot, did you listen to the press conference after the game? Tom Crean was pizzissed izzoff. He’s been pretty calm thus far, but he took exception to a couple of things and really got full hot on the deal.

The following exchange took place. Reporters comments in italics

After the Lipscomb loss, the kids announced that the whole program felt down…

Wo, who said it was?

They felt like they were down

Do you spend a lot of time with them last week? Were you in our practices?


Then you just gave me your opinion. Don’t tell me what my players are, I am with them every day.. Were they down because they lost a game? Absolutely. But we continued to work on things through the week and I did not see a lot of down guys. I see a lot of down guys right now.

We are not traveling in that light of getting caught up in perception and getting caught up in things that don’t have anything to do with them. I don’t mean to be negative towards you but if we are going to ask something about the team it needs to be prefaced by something we actually know or something that we have an opinion on. Do you have anything else on that?

Not now.

I was reminded of this gem. I miss when our press conferences were radio gold. I think Coach Crean has been pretty frustrated this year, how could he not be in this situation, and he knows that going off on the players isn’t going to get them where they need to be, and he got the chance to tear into someone and took it. I’m not so sure he was really mad at this guy, so much as he needed to yell at someone.

I just can’t resist this as the theme song, complete with spanish subtitles. Y supergracias a GOYA!!

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