The news has been over run the last few days with stories about Jett Travolta’s death. It is a truly sad thing for his parents and sister to have to go through.

I cannot make the argument that this is not news. Deaths are almost always news worthy. The death of children even more so. And the death of a celebrity’s child trumps all of those things.

You know what isn’t news; when other celebrities give their condolences.

I have seen news stories about how Oprah, Tim Allen, Kate Hudson, Lisa Marie Presley, Forest Whitaker, Billy Ray Cyrus and one of the Backstreet Boys have all come out to express their condolences. They are not wrong for expressing their sympathies to the family. I’m not even saying their wrong for doing it publicly (I’m fairly certain most of these people can’t think of any other way to do anything).

I’m just saying it’s not news. Everyone feels sympathy for a family who has lost a loved one. The news is for things of vast import or rare events. Not for things that everyone is doing all the time.

It would have been news if one of these celebrities had come out and laughed at the Travoltas, or pointed and laughed. That would have been cruel and heartless, but it would have been news.

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