We went to see The Dark Knight last night, we didn’t get to see it because the power on the whole block went out about ten minutes before it was supposed to start. They had to give out rain checks to everyone in every theater and send us all home. As annoying as it was at least we weren’t in the middle of the movie when it happened.

Not the point of this post though. While we were waiting to go into the theater (we were probably 40 people deep in line) a teenager got in line about ten people behind us dressed as Joker.

His friends all arrived and thought he looked pretty bad-ass.

The whole thing made me sad and disappointed in teenagers today and not for the reason you may think.

If you care enough about Batman to get dressed up in full Joker attire how are you not the first guy in line?

You are committed enough to go to walgteens to buy all the stuff, cover your face in the make up and dye your hair, but you aren’t committed enough to show up early enough to be near the front of the line?

It’s symptomatic of a greater laziness. Kids used to have to drive to different cities, hours away, to sit in line for hours, possibly overnight just to get tickets to see their favorite band, now guys feel it’s enough effort just to dress up in character. And your friends are impressed, even though you couldn’t leave home 20 minutes earlier to be first in line.

Kids today are pussies.

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