I’m kind of a sucker for Christmas, always have been. December has got to be my favorite month of the year. You got Christmas, College Basketball (when they aren’t taking finals) and the most important day of the year, my birthday.

As anyone who grew up Catholic knows the advent wreath is the churches round and burning calendar for the month of December. There is one candle per week, marking the four weeks leading up to Christmas. Each of the candles has a meaning. Saying that I know they have a meaning is not the same as saying I know what those meanings are, so we’ll leave it with they have a meaning.

Here’s what I do know. Of the four candles, three are purple and one is pink. The pink one marks the 3rd week of advent, which is this week. I always loved seeing that pink candle lit. It meant that Christmas was very close. Just one more week to go. I still feel that way.

My reasoning is largely the same. This is the last week of school before break and teachers and students both share this joy. This is something that students don’t realize, but we probably look forward to break more than they do by a power of 50 or so.

This morning, as I give up gym time to the advent ceremony, I watch the pink candle glow and feel the same feelings of excitement and anticipation I have always felt.

There’s just something magical about the pink candle

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