IU v. Chattanooga 11/12/07

The primary question after watching the first two exhibitions is will we be spotting dimes or eating onions. I have a feeling, that based on how explosive this offense can be, the real hang up for us is going to be how well we perform on the defensive end of the court.

With only one day to practice and focus on UT – Chattanooga I don’t know that I expect to see too much difference in our defensive ability tonight.

The other thing that is a question mark tonight is how bad Armon’s ankle is after sat.

This game counts. Can’t wait for this to get going!!!

Jon Shulman, UT-Chattanooga’s head coach’s wife is from Washington, IN. So, now I know who to blame for the Zellers. Her and Adam Bowling.


19:40: Lance Stemmler decided to guard the air and leave his man open. I don’t even know what that was.

19:21: I’m done dumping on DJ for not being able to pass out of the double team. He looks like he’s got that figured out finally. Though, to be fair these guys aren’t his size.

18:10: So far the answer is we’re fucking eating onions. An uncontested drive straight to the basket as everyone watched not the ball, then a turnover for a lay-up. WAKE UP!!!

17:50:Here’s where our offensive ability covers a lot of flaws. Ellis hits a contested 3, without running any offense. I’m a little worried that good offense is going to suffer because we can rely too much on physical ability. Against good teams that won’t be enough.

17:44: UT-C passes the ball to no one.

17:35: Looks like UT-C is going to double EJ. Doubt this is the last team that will try this. Good test for him, and the rest of the team. Who can get open and score when the double comes and how does EJ get loose?

17:15: Really good hustle by Lance. Deflection.

16:59: Twice now we’ve tried to fight around their double screen the long way around. UT-C has gotten really good looks with that play and we’re not so good at defending it.

16:04: Great out let pass by EJ to Crawford for the 3 point play.

TV Time out IU 10 UT-C 8

15:51: Here’s something I never did when I was in the stands at an IU game. TEXT MESSAGE!!! OMG! It hasn’t been that long since I graduated. That’s retarded.

15:33: UGH! Onions! Our help is primary help is slow and our secondary help is too late to stop a lay-up.

15:00: That’s a perfect example. Played decent team defense for about 20 seconds, and then got lost and lucky.

14:21: Right now, not only do we look slow and tired on defense, but we’re being out hustled on both ends of the court.

13:26: Gordon is looking solid on both ends of the court. When he’s on ball, he’s tough defender.

12:55: NICE! Armon with a 3 off the inbounds play.

12:42: We are not closing out on their open shooters. Another 3 for UT-C.

12:21: YES! Points from Dre in the post. How do you hold him off the blocks as big as he is?

11:31: Big Shot! EJ nails another 3!!

11:11: Steal by Crawford. Finish by Armon!! EJ has ten already tonight.

10:49: The defensive pressure has improved. This is the spottin’ dimes portion of our evening.

10:18: OK. The next 5 days need to be spent on defense. This is ridiculous. Way too slow closing out on open shooters and piss poor helping on the drive.

8:15: I love the idiosyncrasies of announcers. Any time anyone gets the ball at the top of the key, the play-by-play guy in this game, says who ever has the ball “has a notion.”

TV Time Out IU 34- UT-C 30

6:58: Crawford in rhythm. Nice 3

6:22: Back to back 3s for him

5:06: Remember Sat. when I said 35 points was too many to give up in a half? Well tonight, so far it’s 39.

4:20: HOLY FUCK! We’re losing now. We run down and jack up 3s, and then play defense like we have no idea what’s going on. Sampson is PISSED!!! And well he should be. He’s tearing them shiny new assholes right now.

3:45: Turnover by us. 3 by them. This fucking sucks.

3:19: Another turnover. Half-Time can’t come soon enough.  Thank Gods: . . .


2:48: Gordon gets way ahead of himself there. Too big a hurry.

2:47: OK, this year I’m banging on DJ for not being able to shoot freethrows. I gotta check the stats, but the Packer Method says he’s shooting about 52%

2:26: GOD OUR ROTATION IS AWFUL!!!!! Secondary help doesn’t happen at all. DJ helps on the post and Ellis doesn’t even budge.

1:40: UT-C has been playing zone for the better part of this half, and it’s clear we still don’t have done how to play against it, other than shooting 3s.

1:07: I feel like a scratched CD. Here’s another thing we don’t do well on defense. We let people cut and move wherever they want to cut.

9.6: DJ steps up to help, but not until UT-C is two feet from the basket.


For all my frustration at this point, I’ll say this. A.) I’m not surprised. This is a young team that doesn’t yet know what college level competition is all about B.) after watching MSU, OSU, USC, and UK all drop games to mid-major or D-II teams it should be clear there are precious few pushovers C.) As long as we pull this out, this game is a huge learning opportunity for these guys. EJ has 15 at the half and we’ve scored 46 points, but offense isn’t enough and this should help hammer that home. I have great faith in KS getting them on the right foot at halftime

19:09: Good first defensive possession.

18:32: First, poor boxing out leads to too many second chances. Second, HOLY CRAP!!! What a finish on the break by EJ!!!! And a great pass by Armon.

18:12: The intensity has improved greatly.

17:48: OOOP Basset to DJ

17:37: Shit defense
17:21: YEAH! Dre with the chance for a 3 point play. God was he open on the reversal.

17:19: The Non-Las in this game is married. He just called Dre’s shorts Capri’s. He’s right, but single men don’t think that way.

16:40 We’re trying hard to turn this into a track meet and we’ll win a track meet.

16:06: Armon’s gotta know when too much is too much. Tried to force one into DJ.

15:27: Gordon has an unwillingness to lose that is impressive. He’s taken it up a notch since halftime. Defensively and in transition. He is fun to watch. KS switched him to guarding the point guard and he’s shut him down.

TV TIME Out IU 56 UN-C 52

14:50: We’re making a real effort to slow it down. I’ll take the slow down if it ends up with EJ hitting big 3s like that. Damn!

14:11: Dre gets another big bucket with the chance for 3. Can’t say enough about how big it is to have another scorer inside.

13:52: EJ just picked up his 3rd. Too aggressive and playing defense with his hands. KS is leaving him in the game. Let’s hope he can avoid his 4th.

12:53: Nice post move by DJ, and Las is right. The outside threat and Dre as a scoring threat have really chased away some of the double teams from DJ. Gotta game plan this team a lot different than last year’s team.

12:27: Armon was not hurt bad the other night. He’s so fucking quick he’s got to be ok.


11:49: EJ’s on the bench. There’s a noticeable change in defensive intensity. For all the talk about DJ being the leader of this team, it’s clearly EJ and not DJ that controls this crew. Let’s see if DJ can step up and lead when EJ’s on the bench.

10:34: DJ from the short corner, and then Crawford strong to the hoop. 3 point play.

10:16: Slow rotation still and I think it all started with the way we played the ball screen. Lance popped out to hedge the screen and UT-C makes 3 passes really fast while we chase to catch up. If we’re going to pop on the ball screens we need to recover much quicker.

9:49: EJ’s back and in case you didn’t see him sub in. He just crossed between his legs, stepped back and drilled an NBA length 3.

9:11: Ellis made that happen. Nice dish to Dre for the wide open lay-up. Pass fakes, even awkward ones  like that can really move defenses.

8:43: How often in one game can I be amazed at what EJ can do on the court?

7:59: That’s just not right. They ran smack into the wall that is Dre. Stop dead in their tracks and just throw it at the rim and it goes in.


7:00: EJ just blocked a 3. I’m going to have to look up superlatives. I don’t want to steal Vitale’s schtick, but after a while you need to be able to articulate your ever present awe.

6:35: He just hit another 3. This is me shaking my head in disbelief. What’s so crazy about this, and I don’t want to make ridiculous comaparisons here, so bear with me. I watched that run LeBron went on in the playoffs last year and was in shock at how anyone could do what he’s doing? So far, I’ve felt that same way watch EJ. What he’s doing isn’t the same as scoring your team’s last 24 points or whatever LeBron did, but he is equally unstoppable.

6:09: DJ Just landed on his head. His legs were taken out from under him. There’s a considerable amount of blood, but he’s up and walking off the court. OUCH!

5:30: Time to slow the pace down and let this one run its course. But this is also where the focus that got us out of the hole at the half can slip.

Just got into a debate with a friend of mine about the Big Ten Network vs. Comcast issue, as he’s living in NW Indiana and can’t watch the game tonight.


3:17: EJ has set a record for most points by a Freshman in his debut. 32 points. I am once again shaking my head.

2:09 Make that 33.

1:06: This is not a team that throws good alley oops.

37: Bassett dribbled the shot clock down to nothing and hit a tough shot.

Final Score IU 99 UT-C 79. That’s a 24 point swing in the second half. Now there’s some time to practice and fix the problems from the first half.

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