I’m forgetting a lot of great ones, but here are a couple samples of conversations I or other teachers in my school have had with students so far this year.

(Int. Cafeteria Day) Kindergarten
Little Mulder: Where did Ms. Krabapple go? (the teacher had left the class with the aid to go and eat lunch herself)
Aid: "She had to go take care of some things."
Little Mulder: "That’s too bad. We had some good times."

(Int. Computer Lab Day) 7th grade

In a discussion at the end of class about seafood that was started because that’s what I had for dinner last night)

All of the students were mentioning seafood they like or don’t like.

7th Grade Mulder: "I like Oysters. Cause they’re sexy."
Me: "They’re what?"
7M: "They’re sexy"
Me: "Okay."

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