As always, when I see Indiana University make the national news I am interested, and mostly proud. For example, when IU was ranked the #1 party school by the Princeton Review a few years ago (this year IU was 8th on the list) I took great pride in that, as todays ranking merely reflects the years of dedicated good times had by prior students. I am part of the giant on whose shoulders those rankings stand.

But, this story is just too great. Indiana University, the school that houses the Kinsey Institute, has gone from the leader in the study of human sexual behavior, to publishing studies that say that given the choice, guys choose the hot girl.

Also, women chose men who they thought they could get based on how hot they were.

But the best part of this study is that when putting together this study they decided they needed to go all the way to Munich, Germany to find out that guys prefer hot chics. They could have saved a great deal of time and money and done this study in Ballantine on any day of the week.

God Bless Academia.

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