I know that Jeff is quick to play the "Everything in the world can be tied back to Aaron Spelling" game, but another great behind the scenes television master has died.

Merv Griffin died today at the age of 82. (CNN Story) There aren’t any among us who weren’t sucked into The Wheel of Fortune mania of the 80’s. I remember when my uncle had a friend appear on "The Wheel" and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Sure, I was 11 or something, but still, there it was.

While The Wheel may seem a bit dated and old, Vanna’s graceful maintenance work not withstanding, Merv’s other major achievement is timeless. Yes, that’s right, Jeopardy. This show alone coined the term for innumerable jokes, situation comedies, and pop culture quips. "In the form of a question, please…"

You can always sit down and watch Jeopardy and be challenged and have fun arguing answers and even the categories themselves with anyone. Oh, and if the sheer coolness of Jeopardy isn’t enough, there was even a Golden Girls episode all about it. THAT is cool.

Wow, I’ve been my wife’s husband for too long, I am publicly admitting that a Golden Girls tie in makes anything cooler. Ahh well, so it goes.

God speed Merv, you entertained us well.

One comment

  1. Sam beat me to this today, but while applauding all of the great things Merv Griffin accomplished in his life, let’s not forget his moment of true infamy.
    The world is now safe for women who don’t want to be injected with Windex while riding in elevators. The world is finally safe from the Windex Killer.

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