Barry Bonds just hit 756. I had the game on in the background and I saw it as it happened. For a record as big as this one, I only have one observation to make.

There are iconic images in sports. After Jordan pushed off to hit the winning shot in his last game as a Bull and he held his hand up, making sure he followed through. Kirk Gibson pumping his fist as he hobbled around the bases. That crazy fuck who chases Hank Aaron around the base path patting him on the back when he passed Babe Ruth. What did Barry give us?

He held up both hands above his head as he watched it go. Then, we he knew it was over with his arms still held above his head, he clapped his hands like a seal clapping it’s flippers. Wheeeeee!

The size of this record is in direct proportion to the lameness of that celebration.

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