Today was the 133rd Kentucky Derby, or the 1st Laura-noticed Kentucky Derby. We came home for the Derby this weekend and went to a party held at Paradise, where there was betting on each race, a draw out of a bucket for 1st, last and 7th places horses, and the single best Derby Horse auction in existence (Nice job, Brian). As we were placing bets on every race Laura, who knows that horses have four legs, cashed in in the 7th, 8th, and 9th races of the day for overall winnings of $60+.

It was fun to watch her win, and really enjoy the races. I also gave her a set of chopsticks and she immediately caught a fly with them It was pretty amazing. So, if, in the coming weeks you are looking for Laura, I’d start by looking at the nearest OTB or sportsbook.

It was a very fun day.

One comment

  1. The out-of-towners racked up. The two biggest winners (outside of Emily’s $900+ take) were Laura and Joe (from Indy). It seemed that both were hitting each an every race for square payouts of $15-35.
    For the day, my betting account came out $6 ahead. This makes 4 or 5 straight years that a bookie would have lost money at this party. Of course, most bookies don’t pay track odds and accomodate exotic bets.

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