Much like the beginning of Die Hard: With A Vengeance where John McClain has to wear the sandwich board in Harlem stating his dislike for the ethnic group that tends to populate that neighborhood, there are just some places where it’s the absolute worst place to do a certain thing.

Yesterday while I was on lunch duty one of my colleagues, while moving a garbage can across the room, knocked it over, spilling the contents on the ground. He did this in a room full of 5th -8th graders. You can imagine the clapping and laughing that ensued on the part of the kids.

Now, I don’t really find dropping things funny. I do find it funny when things are dropped in front of the one demographic group that will mock you incessantly for doing it.

"Good Morning, Kindergarteners, I’m Principal Sinner. . .Skinner. That’s it, I’ve lost them forever"

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