Slot Machines + Roulette + craps + lots of smoking Midwesterners = Casino

You know what’s missing in that equation? Poker Room. You want to know how I know that? Well I drove to two of them last night. One in Elgin. One in Joliet. One guess why I was trying to go there. That’s right. To play poker. I drove out to Elgin last night as it was the closest casino to my house. No poker room. So, I went back to the car, put the address of the one in Joliet into my GPS and got back on the road.

After sitting through the flaming-car-induced parking lot that was I-55 I finally got to Harrah’s in Joliet only to discover that my entire night, just about 3 hours of driving at this point, was all nothing. No poker room there either.

Here’s the part where I should have called ahead to ask, and I am well aware of my part in the way this evening played out, but hamburgers! How do you have a casino with no poker room? When I finally got home, I looked on these websites, and none of them say anything about poker, one way or another. To my mind the flashing banner across the top of each of these websites should read WE DON’T HAVE A POKER ROOM!!!!!!!!

Through this painful experience, I did learn of three different casinos in the area that do have poker rooms, so this little episode will not have a sequel, but sweet holy god was that frustrating.

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