Deana sent me this link last week. I waited almost a week to watch it. I am making this face 😦 because I waited six whole days to watch it. Don’t you make the same mistake. I want you to make this face 🙂 not the face I made 😦


One comment

  1. Awesome, indeed, but I can’t even watch this version of it because of the gol’ darn stupidity of the pooey buns lyrics from the African-American Eyed Peas. (After the Imus incident, I’m not sure what I can say anymore that might be construed as racist, so I’m being extremely choosy in my words. I can easily see how his comments were sexist, that’s for certain, but racist??!!! My other remediated language in this comment was courtesy of Mr. Mackey, m’kay, bich [sic] [=generosity])

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