When I was younger the license plates in Indian said "Wander Indiana." I remember this because these stupid frakking license plates made me the get the word "wonder" wrong on a 4th grade spelling test. You have no idea how mad I was about this, but Mrs. Bemiss was hearing none of my objections.

I don’t know what the motto was a month ago, as I live in Illinois. My guess is "Now with Daylight Savings Time!" but don’t quote me on that. But as of April, and Congressman Mike Pence’s visit to Iraq. After visiting a Baghdad marketplace under heavy (and by heavy I mean the rough equivalent of what an elephant would weight under the increased gravity of the Red Kryptonian sun) military protection he compared it to "a normal outdoor market in Indiana in the summertime."

Pence is from Columbus and went to Hanover. I’ve been to both of those places. I’ve not been to Iraq. Either I have a very different image of Iraq in my head than what is actually there (not frakking likely) or Mike Pence had a traumatic childhood and in his warped, broken mind the famous (at least to locals) architecture of Columbus and the rolling green hills of Madison look very much like the desert and the constant suicide bombings and gun fire remind him of the sound of speed boats on the river. It seems the latter is far more likely.

All of this has lead to the worst state motto since the Texas State Motto "No Presidential Assassinations in Over 40 years" *

"Indiana, just like Baghdad."

Though in fairness it’s also considered a sin to draw pictures of Indiana’s state prophet, Dick Lugar.


* credit to Al Franken


  1. just embarrassing. the daily show had some fun with it as well. i have to credit the blog on this — you made the funny before stewart did (I think, but I could have been off a day due to DVR)- and what stewart lacked was the suggestion of a state motto — which would would have been an easy laugh out loud moment.

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