In the spirit of 21 I’ll take the first part last. That is a reference to this comparison, that is excruciatingly funny.

Now, the first part. I was watching the Georgetown v. Vanderbilt game last night, and while I fully expected Georgetown to make it this far, see my earlier post, where I say a number of things that I state as fact (btw, I was pretty much dead on with all of those so far. Not Notre Dame or UNLV, but they can’t all be roses. It didn’t help my bracket. I needed to be right about a lot more than those. Stupid chalk). The final shot of the game by Jeff Green, where he sets up his right foot as his pivot, then picks it up and changes his pivot to his left foot before making the winning basket. That is a travel my friends. As the play happened there was not only no call, but no mention was made of it by Billy Packer or Jim Nance. As I was starting to think I had imagined it, they went back to the studio, where Clark Kellog said something to the effect of "Dude, that was a travel. Here watch it. He totally traveled."

I’m not complaining about the missed call, though how they weren’t watching the feet of the post man in that situation I have no idea. Nor am I complaining about how the announcers missed it. Billy Packer missing things is pretty much par for the course. I’m used to his being wrong. I’ve actually set my watch by it.

What bugged me, and increased the accuracy of my watch set to work on the inverse Billy Packer principle, which states that my watch’s accuracy is in inverse proportion to how wrong Billy Packer is, to the point where I’ll never have to replace the battery, was what Billy said during the next game. When Jim Nance asked him about it during the next game. The conversation went something like this.

"Dude, do think that was a travel."
"No, Gabe Kaplan, it wasn’t a travel."
"What about what Clark said, and what the video shows, that he changed his pivot foot before taking the shot, which, Billy, as I’m sure you know is the according to Hoyle definition of traveling.’
"With the game on line like that, that wasn’t a travel. Even if he did change his pivot foot, which he didn’t do."

You’ll have to check the tape for the exact transcript of this conversation and also to see if he actually called Jim Nance, Gabe Kaplan, but that was the sum and substance of it. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Billy Packer is sticking by his initial opinion that there was no traveling involved here. He also can’t wait to get to the final four, where he is sure that he and Jim will be greeted as liberators.


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