I was gonna skip this game because I’m watching it after it ended and I didn’t really want to put the thought into typing after my law class tonight, so again tonight’s post starts late. But I was inspired by the color commentator tonight who said that Joe Kennedy, from Northwestern spent last summer work for Barack Obama and will do so after graduation. This combined with his experience as an athlete, means Kennedy was getting "the full monty."

You keep using that word. I do not think it mean, what you think it means.

13:!6 Sampson’s pissed, and he should be. We haven’t made a 2 point basket yet, and are 3-7 from beyond the arc. That’s just lazy. We’re up 9-6, but after two piss-poor defensive possessions he rightfully needed to tear some people new rectal orifices.

12:42 On the same out of bounds play under Northwestern’s basket they get the pass into a guy cutting right under the basket. If I didn’t already have a beer going that would be enough to drive me to drink.

12:13 You know how the way you perceive things as a kid colors your perception of some things for the rest of your life? Well Northwestern sucking and being an easy win is something I always expect. The fact that tonight’s game is a HUGE deal for this team is hard for me to rectify. Even though I was at an IU @ Northwestern game a few years ago that we lost (and man was I pissed that night), it’s still tough for me to adjust my world view. I think it must be similar to how people in government who came up during the cold war have trouble adjusting their world view to a post-cold war world. Also, I’ve lived in Chicago for 7 years now and I keep expecting the weather in March to start getting nice, because that’s what happens in Clarksville, and even though I know it’s gonna be shitty here for at least another month, maybe more, my mind says March = nice weather.

9:37 Earl Calloway just pulled the pass it off the guys ass play and get the lay up. That’s AWESOME!
I can’t believe he missed the lay up though, but still AWESOME!

9:17 IU’s defensive rotation has been way too slow so far tonight.

8:05 Just watched Wilmont stand his ground and not even make an attempt to step over and help out on the drive. Northwestern gets a lay-up out of it. Follows that up by taking a charge the next possession. I was all ready to tear him a new ass for that crappy matador defense and then he takes the charge. I hate feeling conflicted.

Commercial: For all the latest medical scoop. See (former) Surgeon General C.Everett Coop.

6:35 Haven’t run a single play yet to get the ball into DJ. I just don’t get this. And it’s not just tonight. This is the theme lately. And he just got beat like a red headed step child off the dribble. Why in God’s name would he get that close to a man on the perimeter.

5:34 CRAP! Tie game. btw, they just went inside to DJ and he coughed it up. Maybe I’m not such a genius. No, that can’t be. They just went inside again. I’ve changed my mind. Start jackin’ threes.

3:51 NU is in a 2-3. Armon was driving the gaps and kicking it out, but no one else moved, and the ball stayed on the same side of the court the whole time. Result. Turnover. The ball has got to move the defense and standing around watching your Freshman point guard be the only one who does the right thing will never get you an open look. And IU’s losing right now.

3:14 I really like the way NU plays on offense. I’ve felt this way for a while now. The spread the floor, get lots of movement and kill you with back door cuts. Full Princeton Willie. You know what’s coming but it’s still hard to stop it.

2:12 OH MY GOD! Bassett just hit a contested three, but he was the only one who moved at all that entire possession. God, that’s bad basketball.

1:31 Wilmont for 3, we’re back up by 1 now, but NU is out playing us at this point. Oh, now we’re down by two again.

Halftime. That shot by Wilmont was ridiculous. Don’t know whether I should go with "Better to be lucky than good." of "Even a stopped clock is right twice a day." IU up 32-28. Just caught a shot of the stands at Welsh-Ryan. Don’t know if you’ve ever been there. This place is not big. It reminds me a standard Indiana High School gym, and there are a lot of open seats.

19:09 Dj scores again, 5th point of the night. Both on put backs. The 2-1-2

18:55 Same inbounds play! NU scores. It’s time to go to a 2-3 on the in bounds plays. We clearly can’t cover them in man.

18:34 The 2-1-2 is preventing good ball movement, and we’re settling for early outside shots. I don’t like it.

17:40 Finally DJ scored on a post move. NU switched to a 3-2 on that possession. It was pretty easy to get it inside like that. I doubt we’ll see much more 3-2.

15:07 Two things. Bassett is a scorer. No getting around that. This is about the same time that the wheels came off against Michigan the other night. The one plus side of doing this on Tivo-delay is that I can’t possibly jinx a game that is already over.

14:27 WOW! That’s a tought shot Wilmont just hit. Normally I’d consider that shot a defensive win, even if it goes in, but Wilmont can pull those things out of his ass like few I’ve seen. There are some shots that are bad shots for some people that are at least "not horrible" when other people take them.
Most of the shots he takes are like that.

13:07 Nice steal. Late on the pass to DJ, Erik.

10:26 That was a horrible possession. The only time the ball got closer than 25 feet from the basket was when Wilmont chucked it at the rim fro 27 feet or so. IU by 4.

9:43 Out of a time out we turn the ball over. Nice.

9:13 That was some decent ball movement. Swung it all the way around the perimeter. Nice open shot. Resulted in two free throws. Pass the ball kids.

7:41 Earl, when you pass fake it needs to be convincing. Just thought I’d mention that.

7:21 Jesus. Another Wilmont bail out.

6:45 Out of the list of IU players who have made 8 3’s in one game (Wilmont has now done that) Mr. Full Monty Color commentator pointed out Jay Edwards. For the record the other guys were Alford, Neil Reed, Robert Vaden and Brian Evans. Jay Edwards is who I’d pick out of that list too.

4:24 AJ, that was a bad shot. I’m sure that will be pointed out to you later, but come on.

4:20 Another bad in bounds play for IU. It just points out that coaching can only do so much. The announcers keep saying how they stressed that in practice and still they blow it.

3:06 Wilmont now has 31 with 9 three pointers. Wow. Can’t say much more than that. A lot of those have been well contested.

2:42 That is why I’ve never liked the full court press. IU just got a really easy basket and the foul. Pressing rarely helps you beat a team that can handle the ball at all. I’m of the mind that a press only helps you beat a team you’d probably beat anyway. IU by 11.

1:51 Three turnovers in a row. It’s a five point game. Pretty much time to get your heads out of your asses.

1:03 Nice patience for IU, but poor D. 4 point game. Man, I hate it when the NU games are this close. I hate it when any game is this close.

33.1: Sloppy, but finally picked up the O-Reb. Now Bassett’s gotta drop the free throws. Got it. One more? Got it.

25.8: 4 point game. IU ball. All about free throws here and Suhr misses

9: OK, AJ, free throws. Arrrrgh. One more to go. got it. 3 point game. Don’t really know why AJ doesn’t go in for the uncontested lay-up right there. It’s now a one possession game instead of a 2 possession game.

1.2: MISS! IU’s gonna escape Evanston with the win. Not pretty, but a very needed win. One more must-win to go and then it’s tourney time.


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