Tim Hardaway hates gay people
        a                =         b
Tim Hardaway hates broccoli
        a                =         c

Now, I’m no math expert, maybe Magnus can help me out with this, but here’s what I think this means

gay people hate broccoli
       b          =        c

Also, if Tim hates both gay people and broccoli, then by the transitive property gay people = broccoli, which makes them interchangeable. Which means if gay people hate broccoli, as they must according to my math, and they are the same as broccoli, they must hate themselves.

Also, President George H.W. Bush would turn away a truck full of gay people from the White House gates.

I have a feeling that if I continue down this line of reasoning I may rip a hole in the space time continuum necessitating the assistance of Wesley Crusher.

I must therefore end this line of thought with a plea to the one person I know who really, truly hates broccoli.

Help me to understand this mess. I’m tired of Tim Hardaway having so much power.


One comment

  1. That’s awfully liberal application of the transitive rule of equality. If I had to apply some mathematical sense to those two statements, I’d likely let “not equal to” represent hate (considering both either contain a negative or have a negative connotation). Along these lines, a mathematician can not connect the dots to equality. If AB and BC, then AC, so all you can really infer is that Broccoli are not gay. They may be asexual or bisexual, but definitely not gay – not that there is anything wrong with it.

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