I thought I’d missed my chance to get in on this “crazy lady in Kentucky refuses to do her job because of some combination of God + Gays + Evil + Divorce, or something” but then she went back to work today and due to her policy of being on TV, put herself right back on TV again by refusing to issue marriage licenses. So, the window is still open on this one.


I’m not from Kentucky. Sure, both branches of my family tree have their roots there. Sure. I was technically born there, though this latter has more to do with the quality of Southern Indiana hospitals than it does with having a deep connection with the Commonwealth. And it occurs to me just now how odd it is that it’s The Commonwealth of Kentucky, and yet they call themselves The Bluegrass State. This is neither here nor there, but let’s just add it to my problems with the Kentucky: General indecision about whether they are a commonwealth or a state.

So, no. I’m not from Kentucky, but I am connected to it in ways that make me uncomfortable. And also, mostly, I hate the University of Kentucky and their cheating basketball program with their history of cheating and their horrible fans who don’t seem to care that they have cheated since TV was a brand new invention just so long as they win.

Because of my universal dislike for UK and its fans, I have long held policy of painting the entire state with one big cheating redneck brush. Except for the UofL fans, and the nice people who make bourbon, everyone in Kentucky is the same to me. Uniformly awful.

But then this horrible woman started acting horribly and denying people the rights they are guaranteed by law, and refusing to do the job she was elected to do because of Jesus.

And my first thought wasn’t “Typical Kentucky.”

And this, my friends, is great for Kentucky’s image.

Kim Davis has managed to make a whole lot of people in Kentucky look a whole better than I would have ever imagined. She is a walking, talking, braided, “There but for the Grace of God” poster for the citizens of The Bluegrass Commonwealth. The people of Kentucky, most of them anyway, including the UK fans on my Facebook timeline, do not agree with what she is doing, and are pretty open about it.

Go, you guys!

Now, it’s bad for the gay citizens of Kentucky who live in her county and would like to get married that they have to choose when to apply for a marriage license by weighing such factors as; how much do I want to be on TV yelling at someone, and is the lady who runs that office on her lunch break or in prison today.

And it’s bad for the straight people in her county who want to apply for a marriage license. Because nothing makes going to a government office to fill out paperwork worse than having to fight through four blocks of news trucks and Wolf Blitzer to do it. Not to mention how awkward it would be to get your license and turn around to see the upset faces of the gay couple being denied this same right while you get to go plan your shotgun wedding.

Sorry, old habits denigrating an entire state full of people die hard apparently.

And it’s bad for her colleagues who just have to deal with all of the fall out from their boss’s crazy behavior all day, and keep the TV cameras from seeing that they’re on eBay all day bidding on Hummel figurines.

But, congratulations Kentucky! Kim Davis is so awful that I’m not thinking about how much I dislike your basketball team right now. And I’ve mostly stopped thinking of you as an amorphous blob of unpleasantness.

And whether you know it or not, that’s huge.